Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo is not from here or there, although he currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area if you must know. Ricardo has wandered through the world, leaving in places like Italy and Mexico, volunteering in Egypt and Hungary and as an avid traveler has spent more time away from his two cats than he should have.

He is an occasional amateur chef, but has done random appearances as a wedding photographer or impromptu musician with his saxophone and guitar. He has a passion for communicating with people which has led him to learn languages, he speaks English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, currently he is learning Japanese and although he studied French during his high school years, he completely forgot all about, perhaps it was living in Italy and the pasta and wine influence? Who knows.

POUG Partnership

POUG is not only the official Oracle community – first of all it is the base of very active members, who are engaged in the group development both during the meetings and the preparations to them. Our message gets to the 400 people connected with databases – from the developers to the administrators and from the begginers to the experts with years of experience.

We would like to invite you to be a part of our event – it is a chance to show your brand during and before the meeting.