Pieter Van Puymbroeck

Senior Oracle DBA

Pieter Van Puymbroeck is an Oracle dba started in Oracle 9i.
He  worked mostly on short term projects which put him in touch with a lot of different aspects of the Oracle database, going from infrastructural point to complete designs and implementations, the result of this is a nice allround experience and a broad personal network.

Currently the focus is on Exadata/ODA and virtualisation on exadata in a BI environment. Exadata experience starting from X2 to X5 including complete reinstallation’s and redesigns of the environment.

His main focus is to help the customer to find the best solution fitting in his budget and offer the maximum out of it given restrictions.

The bit of free time there is left, is mostly spent on being a dad for his son and sailing and playing the double bass, bass guitar and the saxophone.
You can find him on twitter : @vanpupi”

Topic: The journey of a bi-stack to the cloud


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