Jože Senegačnik

ACE Director, Oak Table

I have more than 20 years of experience in working with Oracle products. I began in 1988 with Oracle Database version 4 while working for the City of Ljubljana, where I had charge over the city's municipal and geographic information systems.

More recently, I have specialized in performance optimization, having developed my own tool set for monitoring performance and analyzing trace files.

In addition to sharing my knowledge through conference talks, I am conducting technical seminars organized either by Oracle University or myself.

I am very proud of two highly respected memberships:OakTable network in 2005 and Oracle ACE in 2009 and Oracle ACE Director in July 2010.

When not working with Oracle products I enjoy flying as private pilot (PPL(A) with night rating) with my Mooney M20E year 1966, call-sign G-ATOU. Prior Mooney I had an old Piper PA-28-140B Cherokoee, call sign D-EHFK and I have crossed almost all Europe with her.

Topic: Interpreting AWR Reports



POUG Partnership

POUG is not only the official Oracle community – first of all it is the base of very active members, who are engaged in the group development both during the meetings and the preparations to them. Our message gets to the 400 people connected with databases – from the developers to the administrators and from the begginers to the experts with years of experience.

We would like to invite you to be a part of our event – it is a chance to show your brand during and before the meeting.