Shasank Chavan

I am the Vice President of the In-Memory Technologies group at Oracle, where I lead an amazing team of brilliant engineers in the Database organization responsible for developing Oracle’s In-Memory Column Store. We currently are hyper-focused on leveraging emerging hardware technologies to build the next-generation data storage engine that powers the cloud. I recently have started being more active in the Oracle User Group community, having given a presentation recently for the Northern California Oracle User Group. Members of my team, such as Roger Macnicol, or other colleagues of mine such as Maria Colgan,have encouraged me to submit talks to Oracle User groups which blend deep-dive under-the-hood discussions with 10,000 feet high user-level applicability. I have given a number of talks at various Database conferences, including VLDB and ICDE (presenting a paper in April this year), and hold numerous patents (including one with Larry Ellison himself on various In-Memory storage formats). My goal with attending and talking at Oracle User groups is to communicate directly with DBAs, Oracle Users, etc, to understand better what additional features we can add to In-Memory, and learn what’s working and what’s not, so my development team can address right away.

POUG Partnership

POUG is not only the official Oracle community – first of all it is the base of very active members, who are engaged in the group development both during the meetings and the preparations to them. Our message gets to the 400 people connected with databases – from the developers to the administrators and from the begginers to the experts with years of experience.

We would like to invite you to be a part of our event – it is a chance to show your brand during and before the meeting.