Neil Chandler

Oracle ACE

I have been working in IT since 1988, and DBA-ing all releases of Oracle since v6.0.29. sometime around 1991/2, both in a Production and Development capacity – which are really 2 very different jobs.

I have worked on and administered most flavours of Unix, including AIX, Linux (RH & SUSE), Solaris, HP-UX, Tru-64, Dynix PTX, DG and Pyramid, as well as Windows server, although I have only got experience of clustering on AIX, Linux and Windows. I have extensive experience using SQL Server 6.5 onwards.

I also have a pretty good understanding of IBM (DS), EMC and HP XP series SANs.

I don’t know very much about SAN fabric or networks. I keep intending get around to learning more about it, but I suspect I’ll never find the time.

I have done my fair share of programming too, initially in S370 Assembler on an IBM Mainframe against an IMS DB/DC hierarchical database (and subsequently DB2), as well as in a variety of other languages (including Cobol), but mainly in PL/SQL and Unix shell script.

I am the Chairman of the UKOUG RAC, Cloud, Infrastrcuture and Availability SIG (formerly the AIM, RAC and M&I Sigs) for the UK Oracle User Group.

Topic: 12.2 Histograms are Evil, like Chocolate is Evil (or, how to avoid getting slapped by Maria)


POUG Partnership

POUG is not only the official Oracle community – first of all it is the base of very active members, who are engaged in the group development both during the meetings and the preparations to them. Our message gets to the 400 people connected with databases – from the developers to the administrators and from the begginers to the experts with years of experience.

We would like to invite you to be a part of our event – it is a chance to show your brand during and before the meeting. What does it mean?